You went to town with a kabambe and came back with this gigantic screened gadget that alarms everyone in the motii every time you turn it on. You just can’t wait to reach home to brag about your new byePhone 7. You have even removed it from the box and thrown away the receipt so that you lie about the few extra thousands it cost you.
Your cousin Mato always bragged about his phone, he keeps going on and on about how its 4G plus and its net allows you to download women’s undergarments twice as fast and in a better resolution. So you reach home and go straight to his room because you are the new Bob Conedmemore in the house. He is not too impressed from the first look of the phone and you brush it off as jealousy.

Mjamaa ati umebuy hii phone how much?’  He asks doubtfully.

‘Its 20 geez, I bought it at that shop in downtown’.

‘Waaah! I think you have been coned bruh’ Mato confirms. It can’t even be turned on.

‘Impossible, I turned it on in the car then switched off to save on the charge’.

You try switching it on a few times and realize he is right. You threw away the receipt so it will be impossible to return it to the shop but you still try your luck. By the time you reach town, the shop has changed, it now sells those undergarments Mato always downloads.

‘Dawa ya mende, kunguni na viroboto, dawa ya mende, kunguni na viroboto’

Plays on as you think of how you should have gone to THE TOMORROW TECHNOLOGY instead. Now you don’t have that 4G plus phone, no fare and a brown cheket.

Are you tired of chinku phones? Does your phone say goodbye whenever you switch it on? When you click ENTER does it lock its screen instead?

Well, get a long lasting and reliable phone at THE TOMORROW TECHNOLOGY, where phones are like walking humans. Its time you beat Mato’s phone game. We are located in CBD along Moi Avenue at Kenya Cinema plaza 5th floor shop number 5C. We also specialize in genuine Tablets, Television Sets and Home Theatres. Come get brand new gadgets that are friendly to your pockets and exceed your expectations.
Telephone Number: +254 055 966 11

Email:  thetomorrowtechnology@gmail.com 

Instagram: The_Tomorrow_Techno


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