A slang acronym that is a mash up of rat and hatchet. It is used to mean undesirable or coarse person. It also refers to shallow and petty behaviors. It is used extensively by abnormal people and those with little knowledge of vocabulary. It was probably brought to light by some middle age rapper with twenty ‘baby mamas’.
It cannot be prosperous therefore should not be used in this New Year.


If you are in any way absurd and incoherent with intelligence that you drew ‘slayage’ and ‘slayer’ from ‘slay’, May the Good Lord forgive you. It has a number of meanings from impressing, to be funny or to be a bully. It’s generally a good word, not too long and easy on the tongue. However, ladies have taken it on a rampage; it is used literally in every sense. Please do note it is debauchery to use it when someone has passed away. We do not ‘slay coffins’.
It is not pragmatic and frankly quite nauseating to the ear and it shall not thrive in 2016.


It means on point or very good. All I can say is pass!! It is therefore safe to say we are leaving it in 2015 as 2016 will be too on fleek for it.

4. Doe

If you are still using this word well, you should have remained in the archives with it. It is another way of saying though and another way of annoying all those who actually have time to write the whole word. You understand me ‘doe’?


Come on, we can’t all be Luyhas! Tea in this case simply means gossip, the phrase sips tea however means that one chooses not to engage on the subject matter.
We all better start sipping on something else this New Year.

6. YAS

Its ‘YES’ my people, No! it does not have an ‘A’ in between Y and S and no it isn’t accompanied by a weird Briton accent. Therefore Yasssssss we are leaving it behind.


It basically refers to the group of friends one has or a clique. Most probably one of the group members is secretly texting your ex-girlfriend, one of them stole your phone during one of your escapades, another sabotages all your prospects and one scratched your parent’s car before you returned it. So really, squad? I don’t think so. Find out who you are and stop looking for approval from wannabes framed as friends unless you are actually acting F.R.I.E.N.D.S *good comedy*

8. AF

As F*** is used to express or explain things in a higher degree. I have one problem and one problem only and it is the number of times this phrase is brought into context. ‘Fresh AF, Clean AF, This food is yummy AF, Those shoes are tight AF, Late AF, I am angry AF and so many more instances that will get me pissed AF if I name them.

Kindly let us in unison drop it like its hot AF before anyone else murders the use.


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