Friends for us (FFUS) is a conviction that i started on 1st January 2015 mainly associated with works of charity. It is an idea that has sprouted from the touching acts of Water Washes Away Stones(WWAS;a charity organisation) and Rebuild an Infinite Smile (RISE). Its not only for giving back to the society but also making everyone feel like they are part of it.

There is no better feeling than that of giving to the less fortunate in the society. Giving them material and financial support is truly wonderful but giving them your time is a priceless act. Therefore this year let’s not make a resolution to do better but we make a decision to be a better people.

This year it’s aiming to visit 15 childrens’ home in all over Kenya. If ten people partake in this exercise, we will be able to cover 150 childrens’ home by December 2015. You are all encouraged to take part in this exercise and make the 150 mark possible.Make a better Kenya.

Visit any random childrens’ home from any part of the country. Let us create a revolution in our country and grow in unity and love.

Send me the photos of all the homes you have visited at so that they feature on my blog to serve as a source of encouragement to all the children and also to other philanthropists.


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