Ever felt like you are trapped? Nothing physical withholding you yet you are incapable of doing anything. You are trying to move forward, probably better yourself or even wreck yourself but you can’t seem to find the keys? You can clearly see the knob, the windowpane has never been so clearly cut out, the roof can never get that amiss but there you are, you can’t crawl, you can’t roll, and you almost can’t breathe. The El nino is swooping you over but it’s the dry season.

You are so confined within your own skin, your will is surpassed by what you think is reality. You get so submerged in what others (family, friends, strangers) think or feel is right that you forget that there is no right or wrong; it’s just mere opinions turned into facts. Your walls cave in but you no longer fight back because you used up all your strength trying to convince others that your glass is actually half full. Before you realize you are so comfortable in your discomfort that it befits normal.

You beat up yourself as you are a spectacle and no longer human. People use you as a point of reference, discriminate against you for being different, shunned for the choices that might have been made for you; they owe and applaud for the mess you have become. Forced to take up everybody’s opinion but yours; you lose yourself by trying to live up to everyone’s idea of who you should be. You then realize that there was nothing wrong with you but it’s too late. You spent so much time convincing others that you were the perfect fit for everything. But nobody really cared.

Celebrate that your skin colour matches the dark, appreciate those zebra stripes on your hips and butt cheeks, flaunt your idiocy through your craftsmanship, parade your womanhood and take the presidency and don’t you dare forget to spray that bald head for the sun to mirror a little sharper. You are beautiful, do not be ashamed to show it to the world just look a little deeper. Do not lead a life of incarceration. Do not just not die. Live! Live! Live!


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