BODY LOTION SENT ME TO JAIL by Daisy Waitherero Wambua

A story of a young man, beautiful lass and good lotion. 

Ladies generally have a way of getting what they want,when they want and how they want it even if someone ends up in jail. Just when you thought chivalry died with Jack and Jill going down the hill then Kamau came up with good lotion.

When Njeri asked her boyfriend for a 700 shilling lotion, Kamau knew that he had to be the knight in shinning Vaseline for her. And he did.

Kamau went to a local supermarket headstrong to take care of his partner’s need. Afterall, lotion can be the bridge to higher heights in the relationship.Unfortunately his pockets were not upto Njeri’s standards of living.

Being in a country where we are accustomed to taking without consent, Kamau had only one security guard to worry about. But it was not the only thing he would be worrying about.

It takes 40 days to catch a thief they said but what about all the rookies who have been arrested?

Just two more steps and he was out of the lion’s den and into the world. His heart was pounding, sweat dripping wetting his armpits and back.  Two minutes have never seemed so long in his entire life. He could feel the eyes watching him,the camera lenses zooming in and that security guy trodding behind him. He was busted and anything he said or did would not need that lotion.

Its been one month behind bars, 13 more months to go….

Keeping Up With Njeri;
Njeri is now somewhere with Omondi who bought her St Ives not Vaseline. Kamau is single and in a jail cell, not worried about any body lotion.


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