CAMPUS GIRLS STAY AN ISLAND AWAY FROM POLITICIANS firm feminist by Daisy Waitherero Wambua

I don’t know if there is a rehab for young ladies who are obsessed by these vitambi-bearing, money-laundering and downright moral-free men because at this pace we will not be having any female graduates. Dear partners of come-we-stay aka boyfriends, stop fussing about the boy who always insist on reminding your girlfriend of the classes they are going to have or the one who calls her one hour before class just to confirm that she will come or the one who does all her assignments and CATS. The person who Boniface Mwangi calls M-pig should alarm you more than Sidika’s remodeling.

He is richer than you, has more connections than you, drives a better car than you, oh wait you don’t own a car; he is everything you are not and has everything that you don’t, including a bald head and a nine-month pregnancy on what is supposed to be his six pack. And therefore he has a lot of bargaining power. If you have a girlfriend who is thirsty for the world and has a lot of needs that are overwhelming to both your meager pocket money put together, well maybe it’s time to replace her. I am not calling her ratchet or a gold digger but you didn’t win yourself a trophy, you won yourself a cup of coffee so please wake up.

I would never blame a woman for trying to get ahead or wanting something more in life than paying bills and saving, in this life you need to strive and persist. But I will blame her if she becomes desperate and sells herself short of what she was created for just to earn her monthly rent or eat chicken tikka for lunch instead of eating ‘Kwa Sammy’ for those in Moi or ‘Clabu’ for those in UON. The point of food is to get you full; it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t come with a one thousand bill on the side and an aroma that explodes your nostrils. Everyone deserves a chance to sing started from the bottom and now we here, mediocre is pretending to have what you actually don’t. If you don’t agree then give me six inches of space.

Ladies it’s time to get smart, you have had over fourteen years of education but you are acting like you never got schooled. Work for your own food, rent, car and those pairs of Coco Channel shoes that you have been drooling over. You don’t need to get caught up with these politicians and die or get infected just because you wanted rent money. You will die even before you cash the rent that you have been ‘hustling’ for. You are worth more than somebody else’s joy ride. Be educated and give them a further notice that goes on forever. Work hard and take pride of what you will get.


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