CÂT phones are the best bargain an Android user can get. The masses are exhausted by the one size fits all phones and now demand durability, high functionality and style.

Rugged Equipment Limited
Have you heard of Western Heights? Its located in Westlands just next to Sarit centre. The entrance is made of dollars…no…..Euros. The security is tight and the floors are white-probably an overnight cleaning service.

I bowed my head to thank the kind security personnel and when I thought I dropped a note. People don’t drop coins here.

The crowds walking around are not shabby, not in the least- they mean business. Vera Sidika’s palor is the first to meet your eyes on first floor. I wanted to go marinate my eyes before the meeting but I left Rongai mannerisms at Railways.

Western Heights

I’m escorted in by one of the professionals to the waiting area. The hospitality is top notch I must say.
I wait a few minutes as I chat with my readers online, the boss is then alerted of my presence. I have a habit of not forming any opinion prior a business meeting but I was definitely excited by the prospects.

I like surprises as much as the next lass. Mr. Mughal does not wait for me to come to his office, instead he comes all the way to the waiting area to greet me and usher me into his working area. He is clearly eons short of Kenyaism.

Cât Android Phones
Have you ever seen the name CÂT? It’s mostly on heavy machinery. The yellow ones that you find at Chinese construction sites. The brand is quite famous, it’s itinerary is quite extensive- clothes and now phones- arrived in Kenya.

Mr. Mughal does not hesitate on going to lengths about the products they sell and the prospects the phones have. Two packages lay on his desk and refers to them each time he talked of the features. Its remarkable that such features are within reach for Kenyans.

Water resistant

What can you do with the CÂT phone? Throw it in water, throw it in front of a moving truck, a CÂT machine even- it won’t budge. The phone is robust and very tough on the onset. Its features are so mind blowing that the phone is snapshot away from detecting your body temperature.

Thermal Imaging
Its highly functional and goes against the technological output of other phones. If you ever have an incident, probably an explosion or a security threat, all you need to do is raise the camera and it can sense exactly how many people are in the wreck.


It’s stylishly packaged and is made of black-and just because its magic doesn’t mean it’s not real. Its light on the grip and comes in various designs- all of which Rugged Equipment Limited can provide.

After meeting with the man behind all the greatness, I am escorted for by the head of IT to his working area for a quick Demo. I was still slightly skeptical about the ability of the phone to resist enormous pressure but boy was I wrong.

Just as I secured myself on the seat and started going through the pamphlet more keenly, he dropped the S31 then the S 41 on the cold tiled floor, intentionally!

As an owner of an android phone with a webbed screen I let out a shriek and picked them up for him, hurriedly- a default reaction. The phones were intact- no scratch, no battery out of place and the screens were still as clear as day.

These phones are an answered prayer to everyone with an ingrained clumsiness. It’s made for the large public that seeks durability and functionality as opposed to liability.

He lets out a smile upon seeing my utter disbelief. I checked and rechecked for cracks and dents for a few seconds just to be sure and dropped them again because I am Kenyan- we have high skeptic levels and low insurance.

Tech review
The built tough, made smart phone has quite the trail all over the world, from United States all the way to the Middle East and now is here in Kenya.Thats how legit this company

If you are tired of buying a phone every 6 months, you must look into this getting a CÂT phone this holiday season. This particular product is not just a phone; it’s a gadget. It’s the future in your hands and it’s for you and me. Call 0700228228 now and secure yours today.



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