What makes the CAT 31 Smartphone so intoxicating is not found on the surface. You would be coerced to get this phone for each member of your family once you have a feel of what it can do for you.

The Smartphone comes in a sophisticated design that is easy to grip and fits perfectly well in the hand. I can only advise one to get a personified feel of the phone as pictures and videos steal the intricate nature of this phone.

It’s the ideal size and weight for a Smartphone. However, you will feel the pinch if it drops on your last toe. It has the CÂT logo inscribed on the front side of the phone-extending its legitimacy to the clientele. The tapered corners of the phone make it fit to carry without ease of falling unexpectedly. They also act as energy absorbers.

The screen is designed in a way that it doesn’t pick up any smudges or prints. This is great for those who require security when it comes to their phones. This sets it a bar higher than other smart phones which have this blight. The super bright display comes in the in handy, no worries if you are visiting the man cave.

The best part is its water resistant nature. The black cover surrounding the phone is not just there as an aesthetic- thus cover helps insulate your phone from any damage whatsoever. You can drop it one storey down and it will still be intact.

Making it one of the best smart phones in 2018, it is not only water proof and pressure resistant but also keeps dust, sand and even salt fog away from entering the crevices of the phone.

The performance of the S31 will have you blown. Nothing worse than a phone that takes you eons when carrying out a function. It’s a slick, responsive and speedy smart phone that will happily fire up and run whichever app you are using.

S31 phone is a must buy for anyone who needs a powerful phone with ample storage. You will never get the notification bar ringing with device is full texts. You can store large data without any qualms of affecting the processor. The RAM is sufficient for any mobile user and is quite impressive given the stats.

Artificial intelligence
S31 comes with a whole lot of new features that will keep you happy but the most thrilling is its A.I. This phone not only allows you to operate when your hands are wet but also with your gloves are on. The A.I is also extensive to the camera as it can pick up any thermal images regardless of the amount of debris involved. The CÂT phones have gone above and beyond to break the market and give you a great experience at all times. Get your S31 today!!

Designed to last!
-Powerful 4000mAh battery
-Drop proof up to 1.8 metres
-Super bright display, Corning
-Wet-finger tracking and glove-on-working
-Fully dust and waterproof
-Salt fog, sand, dust, dirt, vibration and pressure resistant
-8MP main camera
-2 MP selfie camera
-Dual SIM- Nano
-Android Nougat


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