Moi University suffers the same fate as JKUAT Juja. Men. They are everywhere, in the library, in their hostels, at the ladies hostels, at the barracks, in the lavatories heck! Even in my head. We all know what happens when the ratio is inversed and women outweigh. There is a new breed in town and campus boys know no old breed. All of a sudden the natives are too old, too boring and to some we are extinct. But thou shall not worry, for Jesus did not die on the cross for you to perish in Kesses.

People have different ways of healing, some lash out in anger, others drown in their sorrows until they sorrow no more, some prefer a little silent prayer but in main campus, you either heal or you will get healed. There is zero personal space and maximum cohabiting going round. Do I blame us? Not really. We are in a village somewhere close to Kesses; anything goes. A student gets strangled by barbed wire; you will still find comrades at 2am walking to God knows where, a local gets bewitched and eats grass for stealing; five laptops go missing the following morning, a Garissa student suffers a tragedy; welcomed with open arms and beds. Do not be mistaken; it’s called comforting not cohabiting. So they say.

It is indeed saddening that we nullified all attempts to send away the souls of the departed with the due respect. Given the fact that we are Main Campus yet we take zero initiatives to carry any flexible exercises, is a tragedy in itself. Sigh. It’s Eldoret. Away from the campus with a defect, back to our fellow students. I respect, honor and cherish every single individual that had an open mind with regards to the incoming lot. I disrespect, dishonor and denounce every student with a regressive mindset. Garissa students don’t say no to comrades, say no to \teamfisi


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