I AM A MUSLIM, NOT AL SHABAB by Daisy Waitherero Wambua

Cripples, blind, albinos, Blacks, Asian, Jewish, Muslim and to some extent women are the chosen minority in the world. But who determines this list? We live in a world that depicts different as unsubstantial. Therefore anyone or anything that is not of, for, by, with the majority is perceived to be of lesser value. Being different is a curse. I am not sure which SI unit is used to establish which human is better than the rest in our existence. However, the methods/procedures/protocols they use to arrive at certain conclusions are definitely faulty and they should find a replacement.

Diversity is meant to be embraced so that we can all be unified by the fact that we are different but yet the same. This has now been corrupted into thinking diversity is seclusion of the most deserving in the world from those who deserve death. At the end of it all we all suffer the same catastrophe; six feet under. Everyone’s mindset seem to take a reverse sail of there are those that are more equal than others. Hence losing vision that we are all joined by love and coerced to live in the same universe. We live together and we will die together.

Being Muslim has now been associated with violence, unrest, fear and war. The veil no longer stands for decency, it serves as an instigator of violence. Unworthy and despised. Anyone with curly hair and a light skin tone is now considered a threat, a menace waiting to happen, a dormant mountain erupting, it’s no longer as pure.

Because of other people’s wrong choices and their strife to rebel. The entire religion suffers. Everyone undergoes scrutiny. No one is spared and no one will be allowed to be free. Doomed to suffer the confines of a sacred religion, of the subscription to follow and obey Allah. Scrutinized for choices is one thing but being discriminated and intimidated due to spirituality is inhumane. Don’t persecute because you don’t read from the same scripture, persecute yourself for not adhering to your own.

We as comrades need to move beyond backward and unsubstantial thinking, ape-like comments must stop. We need to create a form of healing for our fellow students and use this as a momentum for larger and more important structural issues. This is a starting point for unity. Be the flag bearer. Be the inspiration to the rest of the population that indeed Muslim, Christians, Pagans and all other denominations can live peacefully. You must be the first.

With that said, I welcome all students from the Moi University branch; Garissa Campus, here you will find a home.


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