“We are not Africans because we were born in Africa,we are Africans because Africa was born in us”

Quotes used to be my Bible when I was a bit younger, I kept scrolls of them in my school bag, under my bed, on my desk, in my desk almost on the teacher’s desk too. He was a lazy bum; too lazy to a point that we (read they) encouraged him to give us assignments. I never liked assignments so second to Jesus, he was my most favorite man. Though I kind of blame him for not educating me enough to go to Harvard University. But oh well, I guess I wasn’t that white either.

People in diaspora keep the narrative “Africa is a rich place” in a recycle bin yet we who are actually here never seem to get the depth of the wealth. The only things we are ‘privileged’ to see is Alshabab on Aljazeera, Uhuru on Bensouda rather Bensouda on Uhuru, empty seats in parliament that cost more than Kim Kardashian’s naked photo shoot and let’s not forget the strange and random deaths of politicians and families. Would somebody please bring an end to occults,we might be a little overpopulated but no need to jump of the thika highway.

Six suspects announced for crimes against humanity after the 2007 general elections. From the highest profile; son of founding president who is also our current president, two cabinet ministers,head of civil service and a former chief of police. This list was brought to light 2 years after the occurence : in which plans for relocation and reimbursement were underway. 7 years later, minimal developments have been made. Did all the money for reparation end up in fuel consumption and upkeep for the trips to-fro Hague?

After all of this the ICC clears four suspects of the heinous acts due to lack of evidence. I do not mean to be skeptical but what type of evidence does one retrieve 7 years down the line?Time wasted, promises broken,inappropriate celebrations and broken families. We still have people living in the White House that has actual steel frames and hip roof while others in White Shanties that has grassed floors and an open plan structure.

It’s definitely not in my line of duty to get my hands gripped in any politically infected occurrence but I dare not let injustice pass. I would join in the frenzy and drink wine “hail the digital king is back” but I will be politically incorrect for even having the thought. Forgive me but I do not see it fit to celebrate the freedom of a man yet the greater percentage of us is still in bondage. Four have been freed from indictment thus far and the remaining two will soon follow root course. Question is; who is behind the crimes if all are liberated from the charges?

We were unable to help ourselves seven years ago with the collapse of the special tribunal therefore it is no surprise that seven years later we are unable to be helped.
I dare not speak on the religious strife we are facing. The pride that we once had from Nelson Mandela, Mansa Musa, Haile Selassie, Nnamdi Azikiwe is fading together with the memory of them. No governance and no country is perfect but there exist nothing worse than a country which is its own threat.

Bottom line is that we are rich but we are no where near the Forbe’s list.


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