JARS OF HEART by Bwaynemike

Image by B.W Kyalo

“Tick… ”
This time I was too numb to hear the ‘tock’ on my wall clock.

I think I felt that.

I could trade anything to never hear that sound ever again.
I would give it all up to keep my own heart from bleeding out.
I would trade time for my Own mother- just to go back and fix this stupid organ~ again!
I would numb myself to Oblivion, just to strike my nerves off.

Why’s kindness so pricey?
Why ?

The fatigue in my heart.
The hate raging through my soul
I have never felt this Heat my whole life.

And all because I Loved,
All this because I trusted.

That’s the sound of the Glass
She shelved my heart in.”



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