MARRY CHRISTMAS by Daisy Waitherero Wambua

I have not been the holiday season kind of girl in recent years which is rather ironic since I love people and small talks about hair and jeans. Wearing new clothes, eating chapattis, staying up till late playing with cousins, reconnecting with relatives to give you money, visiting the grandparents to source more money; it all seems tedious well, apart from the latter.
Something about the holiday that has changed significantly or maybe I am just growing old. Nothing about Christmas excites me anymore and it’s not only me but the whole of 18yrs and above fraternity. If only I could go back to being a child, I would marry Santa, follow him to the North Pole, freeze to death and resurrect on 25th December exactly like him and his little mignons! I would never grow old! Just like Damon and Steffan; being a vampire and living in the North Pole is a gift directly from heaven! I would be taking concentrated strawberry ice-cream for breakfast, lunch and supper! I bet the two brothers have never thought of that.
Away from attractive blood-sucking beings, whatever happened to Christmas being a day of giving back to the society, cooking for the homeless and putting a smile on their faces? Oh I have remembered! It has never been like that. I always think about it every Christmas but I have never seen it through; what can I say am a politician. It has a lot of cons. One, who will feed them after Christmas ends, Two, who will sacrifice the time, money and their family just to spend time with them? Three, who will agree to cook and provide drinks to strangers who probably stole their wallet last week?
A coin has two sides but no one likes flipping it to the other side, maybe its fear of what awaits or lack of compassion, I don’t know. I hope next Christmas I won’t have to ask myself the same questions. And Santa, if you are real please stop giving out I phones to spoilt rich kids and give the homeless shelter and jobs. Maybe it’s me but Santa has low IQ or maybe his IQ is written in small letters; iq. As I wait to go to Buruburu (my village) for Christmas, I hope there is a kid out there who will marry Christmas on my behalf so that we can have it all year through. That way maybe I will have my family with me and be able to feed the homeless until I also get homeless. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!

Before I forget, please quit forwarding messages of drawn cows and goats; it is so last year! Not to mention those texts that tell you if you don’t get 5 back you are not loved! People come on, Jesus, God, me, myself and I love me, I don’t need any text to prove that. It’s in the Bible.


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