MOI UNIVERSITY COMING SOON…… By Daisy Waitherero Wambua

There is something about the varsities that lures you at the same time repels. The rich tapestry of living, the riot of intelligence, the plethora of languages, the hub of naivety and curiosity and let’s not forget the sudden brokenness that allies itself from time to time. The rush of being amongst those who are lost as you are, prime in self-actualization, caring more of vanities and less of future prospects and murdering energy on sweet nothings.

Moi University, a university with a difference. Different alright, not in a way you would appreciate but no one cares, if they did we would swerve to a more positive note. However, it is the oasis of Eldoret; no other place gives off the youthful ambiance and overly hyped serenity. It has a way of giving a humble bargain, none is above the other. We all seat in the same classes (read also stand, squat and peep) commute in the same automobiles (shout out to Chemu) and skid and fall on mud.

I can neither share optimism nor hopes of those who wait upon change.
Unfortunately I lack the courage to change what I cannot accept and the serenity to accept what I cannot change, but I do have the wisdom to see the glaring difference. However, I carry a little pride with me for being part of this varsity even though I out rightly condemn it, I place it on a pedestal once or twice. Margaret Thatcher is a pedestal, School of Human Resource, Nature Springs, Hostel K and staggering in Dadina into the list.

After four months holiday, most of us feel out of touch with the struggles that come along with being there. My arms are definitely not wide open to the idea of my return. East or West, home is best and Moi is definitely south when it comes to charms. I tire upon the thought of the numerous downgrades and putting it on paper would be somewhat of a repetitive nature. All in all, God bless Moi God bless comrades.

Yet another year, yet another hassle.


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