MONEY OVER EVERYTHING by Daisy Waitherero Wambua

You know your life has just gotten harder when money is no longer the problem. The irony. However it is true, when you can afford anything you can possibly imagine and probably get it custom made; you dear have made it. Once you start reading the menu from left to right and not from the price to the type of food then you are rich; if by any chance you don’t remember the hustle of walking down the street brushing shoulders with the high and not so mighty then you are spoilt rich; having zero to no recollection of your family members’ name just means you spend way too much time in the bank instead of writing a will. It does get lonely at the top. It’s like the ultimate level of success.
The richest person in the world is the one who has realized that money is not everything and that there is more to life than having pockets let alone having them deep. Few people have had this kind of realization but do I blame the 70% of the society that would go hard for their money? Yes I will. Everyone is struggling to get to the top of the food chain leaving behind family, values and some leaving their clothes. RIP to Vera Sidika’s closet. Money nowadays is a source of identity: it’s not a commodity as it was once said to be. The throwback image of cash was decent living, currently it is love, respect and air (to some).

I am not fully entitled to judge anyone who works hard to put food on their table as I have studied over ten years so that one day I’ll follow suit. However I don’t believe books will be my source of livelihood. Please be confused, I have literally spent close to fifteen years doing something that may not entirely help me in my bid for a better life. I would drop out but what harm is it in adding a few more years. This is how Presidents think when their term is almost over. What am trying to get at is that everyone is in a bid to get that royal treatment hence all of us laboring in school for ages instead of perfecting skills that are actually relevant. This whole sacrifice is all for the money. Insanity don’t you think?
They say money is the root of all evil yet we still chase after it but it’s not only the root, it’s the fruit, the stem and the leaves even the ground of all evil. It all depends on which part of hell you see yourself in after it all.

The billion dollar question of which most of you cannot afford to ask let alone answer is; what is next after the flashy living?


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