Women say all men are the same; men say love doesn’t exists; politicians say they are working on it; everyone is saying I am like Njoki Chege (read Njoki Siege). All previous statements have one thing in common; crap. If not then women, men, politicians and everyone have extended this ‘don’t think while drunk’ season into ‘Njaanuary’. No further explanation.

Do I hate color blue? NO! Do I hate Subaru? NO! All Negative. On the contrary, my favorite color is blue and I love Subarus. My brother owns one and before you start assuming he is behind the creation of this Njoki Chege menace, his car is white and not blue. It has always been white; no paint jobs. It would be politically incorrect for me to harbour derrogative feelings towards the car.

Do I have a purple skin tone? I doubt but I usually turn pale when somebody refers to me as one of Njoki Chege’s minions. I not only have a black chocolate skin complexion but i also happen to be graced by 100% authenticity. I do not mimic, echo, duplicate nor embrace any writer’s form of writing at any point in time neither in the past nor in the coming future.

I have only one style of writing and it is called my own. My topics, my insanity, my thoughts and my beliefs are one with myself and are not derived from anyone but me though most times its from men who i find exquisitely annoying.I do not consider my writing to be in a similar context with hers nor is my line of thoughts.
For instance, I do not share her sentiments on having a man as a couch. Sometimes it’s best to go for a stool or a beanbag. Personally its because i have a feeling that i am already well-cuishioned.

We only share writing as a pass time activity and for her, a very well paying pass time activity. Despite contrasting views, I have nothing but respect and a pinch of reality for her. Since I do support fellow women, I wish her everything but a blue Subaru.

All in all, writing is an art, just like painting, cooking and weaving. Every artist has a certain flair in their craziness. So to each their own. Not all art that is appealing sells and not all art that sells is appealing. Most notably; IT’S NEVER THAT SERIOUS.


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