ONE FOR THE MONEY by Daisy Waitherero

Politicians, hawkers, musicians, activists and women, you read write,
women. It’s not that there are no women politicians or hawkers but
being a woman is a profession on its own. So technically if you are a
policewoman you have two professions. As women, we always work
hard to get everything we want. Unfortunately 30% of the time we
don’t get all our desires fulfilled. This dominant factor reminds us that
we are not goddesses when we get caught up in it all. Despite a few
setbacks here and there, we still aim higher than where we were last
time, I call it ambition others call it greed.
Since the release of the movie ‘Act like a lady Think like a man’ it has
been all men’s personal vendetta to kill those behind it. Personally, I
think after the Bible it is the most read book by women and some few
men who are differently inclined. With much consideration to the men
who have resulted to celibacy upon the release of the book, I would let
you in a little secret. When a woman says that money doesn’t matter
and all she wants is love, that’s a hoax.
Women want love plus money; you have to offer both or none. She
says it’s not all about the money, do not believe her, she will turn on
you the same way Obama turned on the Luos. Okay maybe that’s a
little bit overboard. Either way there is a reason why a few months
down the line she admits she is a lesbian; this is for those who lack
creativity but it works. She will prefer to defy all customs instead of
being poor; no woman looks good in poverty. I know the excuses we
give to run from a broke guy deserve a little more creativity, no doubt.
Money comes with more advantages than love itself if you ask the
average person. It even comes with love itself, on the flip side it comes
with groupies and a lot of relatives. Don’t you just love relatives? When
there is money, they will be there, when there is no money, they will
still be there. In both cases, they will still be contributing to its
In a way love is a money problem. Look at it this way; to treat a woman
like a queen you need money. She needs money for food, for travelling,
for jewellery, for clothes and sometimes money to put in her pocket for
no good reason. I mean they won’t buy themselves for her, somebody
has to do it and that somebody isn’t her.
Though there are women who are of a different make, so don’t give up
yet. There are two kinds of women who don’t like this kind of
treatment; alphas and genetically wealthy women. Alphas are usually
very rich so the first and last thing on their mind is what she takes
home. Whatever her boyfriend will sponsor her with is far from her line
of thought.
Alphas make six figures; have posh cars, mansions as their homes,
islands for their backyards and money for their trees. They are
confident and ambition is their mother’s name. Charm them with
affection and romance otherwise they will dismiss you and your three
digit pay check. They are usually humble but really hard to get. If you
spot one make sure you stand out and if you are not in an Armani suit
and a Rolex watch then don’t worry lad, she won’t care. All you need is
that killer smile and good conversation then you will run through her
mind like the stock market.
Genetically wealthy women usually get what they want when they
want it and how they want it, daddy’s little girl. They will never ever be
poor no matter what; her whole family line would be born with a glass
shoe. She is a bit dangerous because she wants nothing short of a
handsome lad with a big bank, mainly for status as usual.
The whole family will ensure you fit the description fully. In other
extremely rare cases, the lady goes for the average guy who works for
the family; A classic example of a Mexican soap. This is usually for a
sense of adventure, sometimes it sprouts into something tangible but
other times it’s the worst case of a fairytale gone wrong. If you want
this one, stop wanting her otherwise she will break your heart. To tell
you the truth, I don’t know what she wants. She has everything she can
possibly think of. Though like all women enough love and attention
goes a long way.
The rest of the other women, hustlers and wannabes all want the same
thing; a financially stable man preferably the one who makes more than
five figures but either way five figures can work for her. She can keep
your money in check for you with or without your consent. The good
thing about her is that she won’t touch your rent money. Though by the
time she is done with you, rent won’t be the only thing you want to get
done with. Don’t get me wrong she isn’t a gold-digger but she doesn’t
mess with broke guys, ask Kanye and Jamie Fox they will tell you.
They usually don’t believe in love but once they have found the one,
they are angels. They are entirely good people. They make very decent
wives and girlfriends also they work to ensure that their partners are
the best of what they can be. A special breed of women, I must say. If
you get one from this category, trust me you will be the happiest man
alive. Though if you come across her when money is the blood in her
veins, you will live to fix the dent she will leave on your account.
As much as all women want a TDH (Tall Dark and Handsome) man with
a trail of hard-earned money behind him, there are a chosen few who
are just simple. The women in soap operas are the exception, attractive
humble hardworking and simple with fine rich handsome men going by
the name Diego. If all of us could be actresses, no one would bother
living the reality.
I may not be the perfect example of a woman you should date, I blame
it on my ambitions and high walls but I can certainly see myself with a
Diego by my side. Every woman has willpower and I admire my species
for that, it just depends on what she wants most. Therefore men, don’t
choose your woman rightly, choose the right woman or she will flee
with the half of you when she goes. Any man is a walking bank and
unlike the normal pay check, he can be cashed out any time not just at
the end of the month.



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