The CÂT S41 has captured so much attention with only a few days into the market. This android splendor has all the features you need to make your experience out of this world. It is packed with the latest technology; it has a powerful processor and provides a revamped experience as compared to other androids.

The S41 is just slightly bigger than the CÂT S31 scoring a super bright 5 inch display. It features an edge to edge design with tapered ends that will keep your phone intact. The gorilla glass make is a huge plus for the S41 extending its viability and its resistance.

The phone is quite easy to operate with one hand given its perfect fit. The textured finish makes it non slippery therefore no fear of dropping it unnecessarily. It comes in a pure black model that is a classic for any great phone.

Processor, performance and memory
The S41 does not make any compromise when it comes to neither space nor the processor. You can store large amount of data as you please. The android is able to cram more transistors without excessive power usage which is a huge plus for the sophisticated android user.

You will have ample space of up to 32GB of onboard storage for all your files and images. You can also take advantage of its dual Nano Sim feature that will give you limitless network support of up to 3G talk time.

Why is everyone obsessing over the CÂT S41? The dual cameras! The versatility that comes with this phone is mind blowing. The main camera of 13MP has an ultra-wide angle lens with flash. The front facing camera of 8 Mp carries the same features. But why do you need this phone? Underwater capabilities.

You can now take pictures not only on ground but anywhere you go without any qualms! It can record videos for up to 60minutes underwater and in compelling quality. If you are a blogger or a picture fanatic and you still don’t have this phone in your possession, you are completely missing out. The S41 is completely revolutionary and will have you living your best life all day every day.

Battery life
The S41 is made for all frequent mobile users. Its personalized touch is the reason you need to head over any Safaricom shop or the Rugged Equipment site. Ir comes with a capacity of 5000mAh which sets it above all other flagship phones in 2018. It has up to 44 days standby time and 38 hours of 3G talk time.

If you want to go for a hike or long distance travel, this is the phone you need in your hand. The best part is not the battery life but the fact that you can charge other phones with its battery! Its outstanding battery life is a complete whirlwind with the iPhone XR coming second to it.

The CÂT S41 is a must have for everyone who wants value to their money and experience. It has an incredible battery life, fast charging and power share feature. The Gorilla glass hardware will have your phone in existence throughout the years; a waterproof, dust, dirt, vibration and pressure resistant quality!

This android phone has taken into account all your needs with the underwater camera feature and will have you taking the best selfies throughout. It’s unmatchable to the rest of the flagship phones in 2018. This phone is a bridge to the future of technology and the current sophistication of android phones. Make sure you stop by any Safaricom shop and get your own.

Upside Features
-Huge 5000mAh battery, up to 44 days standby time and 38 hours 3G talk-time
-Drop proof to 1.8 meters, MIL Spec 810G
-Fully dust-and –waterproof, up to 2 meters for 60 minutes
-Salt fog, sand, dust, dirt, vibration and pressure resistant
-Wet-finger tracking and Glove-on working technology
-Underwater 13MP main camera with dual flash 8 MP front-facing camera
-Super bright 5 display, corning Gorilla Glass 5
-Dual SIM –Nano
-Android Nougat



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