‘De-ii’ ‘De-ii’ she called twice before my plugs muted her. It was ludicrous. My name has five letters; two vowels and three consonants. It’s simple. It’s even part and the main parcel of a simile. Those who were born in the 90s have probably encountered my name in movies more than theirs has appeared on noisemakers list. Its one of those names like Mary, Stella or Jane that don’t need a nickname but can easily get one. It’s a classic and a profound name. Daisy. Shows minimal remorse, makes one happy without trying. You cannot say it without smiling. Daisy. See you are smiling. ‘De-ii was incomplete, felt like birth that was finally due extending for two weeks or that final key on the piano missed as the bride walked down the aisle. I bet she knew it, Karimi would drive me crazy from the onset of calling my name. But I liked her, she called me pretty. Yes, I am petty and easily swayed. Your big bang theory has been solved!!
I would stay nearby. In the same room so she would breathe and I would know if she is signaling for me. Mostly it was to ask what’s next on the menu or as irrelevant as ‘uliona shurshill file anabore siku hisi’ (have you noticed the way Churchill Show is boring these days) I agree with enthusiasm. I fell for this once or twice before I realized she took it as a cue to change the channel to Afro Cinema. She got me even during the repeats and adverts. Someone call me an igbo!!!!!
On certain occasions she heard the name ‘Diaz”. Didn’t make much out of it though, or so I thought. Few days after that she cornered me about names and origins; and a bunch of things that were way over my head or beyond my ears (yes, ears). We talked of nothingness, showed me pictures of her two children. The theory that most Embus are pretty, is not much of a theory. I even pre-courted her lastborn daughter for my nephew, hakuingia box but well, all these lightskinned girls (sigh, sips Glen Fiddich 21yrs)
Its water. The only thing I’ve kept for that long is my name and my family.
She is a good person. She had a loud laugh, incredible taste in fashion and liked to go to church every Sunday. How she could pronounce Nebuchadnezzar but have a problem saying Daisy is beyond me and also clearly beyond her pastor.


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