The Taste of Opinions

There’s what you say,
And then,
there’s what people hear.

There’s what you mean,
and then
there’s what they believe you meant.

You’ll always find it hard to explain INTENT.

As much as you’re communicating,
As long as you’re relating to people,
Meanings are wide and interpretations are vast.

They see double standards, but sometimes,
It’s just their interpretations.

I know it’s a 9 to them because they see it from their end.
Their opinions are correct in their end, because that’s their point of view in life
And that’s okey.

But To you it’s a 6,
because you live life as you see it. No one defines how you make your opinion and take your beliefs.

Belief is relative.
We follow different rules and laws. Period.

You act Right? that’s relative.
Communicating the right way? Relative too.
I didn’t want to go to the specific of things

But don’t you think that’s why life’s complex?

I’m rude because I see life as tough,
I’m a feminist because im in war with something,
I’m a staunch Christian for I have values to uphold.
I don’t believe in God because my why is bigger than the answers provided.

It’s a list that shapes characters,
When you start to capture the grand nature of what fits people’s story.
Then you’ll understand;

why “stay true” is a personalized notion.
Why “don’t judge” is considered a universal law of relating.
Why “don’t compare” is a guide to stay calm, and in peace.

And that’s why in my writing,
I’m either insinuating
Or wishing you a life of tribing.

Find what mirrors what you want to be like,
Find people who think like you, and even better than you can.
Stay close to those who believe in what you do.

And we will fight less with the need to be like
the next person,
the next religion.
(And to be honest, I’m often in this battlefield. I’m either walking out of one , or going right into another contest of comparison, it’s cyclical.
But comparison is not a demon, it how we learnt what we know today. The unhealthy kind, is what everyone is trying to stay away from.
Because as far as I can stay conscious, I can walk out when comparison turns lethal)

The point is,
if you are tethered to something that educates your lifestyle,
You’ll find something epic than self.
Find your God
Your Zen,
Your heart
Your tribe
Whatever makes you authentic.

Whatever it is.

if it can’t end with Love.
Leave it.
These are Not my words,
It how our world should be like.

For that which can’t end with love is void.
Now those, maybe my words

Sending Love to you ❤️



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