TO MY FUTURE DAUGHTER by Daisy Waitherero

Dear daughter,
If you look anything like your grandma then you must be the most beautiful child, if you are anything like your grandfather then you are a perfect combination of beauty and brains; I would tell you what you got from your father but I don’t think I have met him yet. If he exists somewhere in this ratchet world then know that the impossible is possible.
My child, one rule only; tell your mother everything. I do realize that maybe it is not the grandest advice you will have been told but it’s the only advice that is easy to remember. (Plus if you are anything like me, you know how much I loathe quotes and words of wisdom). After over two decades of living, I am supposed to have maximum knowledge of such but I would rather stare at a blank page for five hours rather than stare at a book with quotes and sayings. Don’t get me wrong, stick to your books and I don’t mean the ones with blank pages.
However I assure you that this advice I have given you for free please execute it at all times in your life. When you low and you feel depressed, when you accidentally steal money from me, when you purposely sneak out and unfortunately get caught while at it, when you feel like dropping out (actually don’t tell me this, I will kill you), when you want to sleepover at your boyfriend’s (you would probably be suicidal if you tell me this) and among other scenarios that you may need adult advice or insight or to be grounded.
I apologize for all the times that I will be away for every three days a month, probably your emotions might be overrated at these sudden moments. But be rest assured that I will come soon after. For all the times that I will be harsh or firm with you, know that I only do it so that one day you will make something of yourself and you won’t go wayward. I shall not allow you to go to waste. For the few or zero times that I will give you permission to go out and come at three in the morning please leave the gate open for me, I might be coming at 6am.
I pray and hope that I will have you before I reach 30s so that I can be just like my mother and maybe it will be a trend in our family line. I bet your grandmother would be very fond of you; to some extent spoil you (please note that she hasn’t spoiled me yet so don’t come anytime soon). She is an amazing woman if she brought me up this good; borrow her money, her car and sometimes her VISA card but most importantly borrow her cooking and don’t forget her brains. You only meet a person of that stature once a lifetime. I would know because I have known her my whole life.
I pray one day you will be proud me just as I am of her and you would love me because I definitely would love you.
Lots of love,


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