I recently decided to go back to the Genesis of the blog, reminiscing the times I had just started writing. Man those were the days! I would write up to two thousand words worth of an article bearing eight paragraphs each having fourteen lines and in each twenty words, all in one hour. I was quite the writer you would say; messy in every sense of the word.

But I didn’t care, I still wrote and forced everyone who I considered literate to wallow in my new found obsession. Apologies to you all, let’s just say I was young and determined. I was able to write during the day, the evening, the morning, Heck! Even during the afterlife I would have written.

While I was quietly reprimanding and congratulating myself on the growth and the need to do better, my seven year old nephew comes and stands beside me. Probably expecting me to be playing our favorite family game; subway surf. Then he sees my picture which is usually at the bottom of the blog. ‘Unafanya?’ he asks. Common inquiries by children below see level (play hide and seek with him and lose fifty pounds).

I vividly expounded to him what it is I normally do and as expected he takes no interest and goes to his next agenda like mine was of no consequence. I have never had my work being treated like a side “chic” but (sigh) men these days.

At no point did I pay attention to his reaction, was there a reaction to begin with? Up to date. The more I think about it the more it buffers me. Of course seven year olds should not find reading interesting, I am grown and I still don’t find reading interesting unless its zeros after the one in my bank account. But the level of his disregard, makes me want to go back to the drawing board.

Enough said.

Dear writers, writing might become extinct in a couple of years. I have conducted research using one sample representing a whole country of children. Not entirely research but you get what I mean. Writing is art and with art comes a lot of passion, sacrifice and requires a lot of soul. With that said, next time don’t treat writing or reading like a side dish. It is the main! That is why you are reading this right now.


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