YOU ARE SUCH A DUDE By Daisy Waitherero

That awkward moment when a woman tells you that and you go blank because obvious parts of your physique and your personality show that you belong to the male species. Well, she wasn’t just pointing out the obvious and she was most certainly not awed by your physique. It was a plain cold insult. It is usually said out of disgust.
There are a couple of reasons why she said that. One, it’s because your behavior and that of a dog are almost similar. Meaning you have no manners or rather you are not a gentleman. Two, you have probably done something that has really disappointed her and ‘you are such a guy’ is the best insult she has at that moment. If it’s the latter, quickly escape before she thinks of something worse to tell you or even better leave you for good.
5 words that are so simple yet carry a lot of meaning; the worst part is the one being told doesn’t even know what you mean. Oh hail to the male kingdom!! Men let us down in so many things including getting insulted. It’s a good thing I don’t insult when am angry but what I will say, I will make sure you carry it on to the next life. I think I will make that my New Year resolution; no getting angry. My list is getting longer by the day, I bet ill also make a resolution on 31stDec 2014 at least that will be easy to see through.
The problem with these few words is that they can lead to a break up after a long time. I know you are thinking ‘why don’t we date a woman then’ but it’s a woman’s pleasure to transform a man into a gentleman. To show him a better view, better insight and better ways, problem is many of you are just lazy and you don’t like change. You want to play euro truck simulator the whole day and GTA San Andreas till you pass out. That isn’t healthy though its supper fun especially with motor racer 2.
What am trying to say is don’t be in a relationship so that you can have somebody to cuddle you or cook your meals, clean your table, spread your bed or to hang out with when your guys are at their moms. That won’t be a relationship; it will be spending time with your house help which isn’t bad if you had told her she won’t be getting paid.
Listen to your girlfriend and she will grant the same favor to you if she is a wise woman. A small leak sank the great ship so a few words will sink your relation-SHIP.


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